If you need help in healing systemic discomfort Dr. Shauna can help!

Dr Shauna Lover DC is a Hawaii Island Mobile Chiropractor for Abundant Life Chiropractic LLC

Dr Shauna Lover DC is a Hawaii Island Mobile Chiropractor for Abundant Life Chiropractic LLC.  Her goal is to provide clients with honest, compassionate, and effective care in order to achieve optimal health and functionality.  Patient care can be sorely lacking in many traditional healthcare settings, so that’s why Dr. Shauna Lover makes her clients’ concerns her number one priority.  This is achieved by spending the necessary time with her patients on a one-on-one setting.  Her personalized client-centric practice includes care by the Chiropractor with an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and the bio-mechanics of the body.  Dr. Shauna Lover DC will work to help you relieve your pain and stiffness so that you may return to your normal level of physical activity prior to injury.

When pain occurs it is showing you that somewhere in your body a problem has surfaced.  Many folks mistakenly shrug the pain off everyday thinking it will work its way out, but often that is not the case.  You may need to seek professional help to correct and maintain the problem.

Dr. Shauna understands this and will work with you to put together an effective plan so that you may achieve optimal health and function.  Give her a all at (808) 209-1856

Dr. Shauna Lover, concierge chiropractor will help you with

  • Stress
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Leg Pain
  • Shoulder and Arm Pain
  • Arthritis Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Low Energy
  • Mood Swings
  • Work or Sports Injury
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Arm/Leg Numbness and Tingling

I am a Mobile Chiropractor and will go where you are located.  Enjoy an adjustment in the comfort of your own home or even at your place of work or play!

Evenings and special rates are available for families, I’m here to keep your entire family well.

Dr. Shauna Lover D.C.

What My Clients Are Saying…

After a bout of pneumonia... I had intermittent pronounced pain with deep inspiration on my lower right side … During a visit to Marietta, Georgia … Dr. Shauna diagnosed my dislocated rib and with a careful, gentle chiropractic adjustment … put it back in place .. instant relief!!!

Diane Stephenson
Diane Stephenson

Dr. Shauna was my best friend and clinician for our final year of chiropractic school together. She helped me tremendously with my anxiety issues through her Activator Method adjustments. Additionally, I have yet to receive as thorough an adjustment since she and her family moved to Hawaii. I miss her dearly and so does my nervous system:)

Tiffany Starnes
Tiffany Starnes

Five stars ******

James Marino II
James Marino II

Great to work with, ready to focus on getting my nutrition on point.

Veronica Belshaw
Veronica Belshaw


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